Who are we ?

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GottaPhish in 4 keywords.


Your company and employee data using OSINT.


AI to create personalized and unique emails for each of your employees.


Your company’s internal and external tools and employees.

is Compatible

With all Google, Microsoft and ProofPoint anti-spam systems.

Foundation and evolution

GottaPhish is a startup founded in March 2023 in PAU with the vision of strengthening the cybersecurity of organizations through targeted awareness and education. Since its inception, GottaPhish has evolved by adapting and evolving its solutions based on customer needs and responding to the changing challenges of the cybersecurity landscape.

Our engagements

At GottaPhish, we are committed to providing a solution and strategic partnership. Which includes
Work closely with your team to customize our solutions to your needs.
Provide ongoing support and updates to keep your teams informed of the latest cyber threats.
Evolve, adapt our services to meet changing cybersecurity challenges.

Advanced technology

We use the latest technologies and industry practices to ensure our solutions are efficient and forward-thinking. This includes using artificial intelligence to create realistic phishing simulations and adopting innovative teaching methods for our e-learning platform.

GottaPhish Road Map


AI phishing email generation : personalized and based on a generated scenario. And OSINT by characterization.


The integration of OSINT by detection of the company environment. Example: the internal or external tools that the company uses.


Add AI to respond, it will chat pretending to be your colleague/boss/client… To encourage you, through a conversation, to click on the link or take an action.


OSINT integration per person. Personalization of emails based on the employee’s private professional data.


The integration of deepfakes will allow you to create fake voice messages by imitating the voice of one of your colleagues, for example.