Train your employees on phishing

Based on the open-source platform: Gophish, Gottaphish offers an improved turnkey and self-piloting tool to easily create, personalize and visualize your phishing campaigns using generative artificial intelligence in just a few clicks!

Why should I watch out for


Phishing is a fraudulent technique aimed at stealing personal information by pretending to be a trusted entity.

3.4 billion
3.4 billion phishing emails are sent worldwide every day.
94 %
Around 94% of cyberattacks are carried out by email.

A FR and UE infrastructure

We are hosted in Europe and we comply with GDPR standards. Your data is confidential, you will have a dedicated and secure infrastructure to which, unless expressly requested, only you will have access.

A simple SaaS solution

Design your email campaign and launch it without worrying about the superfluous. Choose the desired domain name, copy an existing email and site or customize one, and all you have to do is click send!

Template customization

Phishing emails are generated and personalized by generative AI that takes into account the profile of each employee. This personalization includes the employee’s role, language, behavior history, and other relevant metadata to create compelling and realistic messages.

Various use cases.

They trusted us.

Our products

GottaPhish offers a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness solution that includes simulated email phishing campaigns, an e-learning platform, and a performance monitoring and evaluation system.