Various use cases.

Produce KPIs

Gottaphish is based on open source solutions and all results are exportable for free. Whether you are a DPO, CISO, CTO or cybersecurity engineer, we allow you to retrieve information graphically and easily.

Be compliant

These tests are often the basis of many security standards, and required by cybersecurity insurance companies or institutional investors (PE, VC). Running phishing campaigns helps your business meet cyber insurance requirements.

Modern training

In addition to theoretical training, practice is always essential. Your employees must be prepared to receive and analyze potential threats outside of scheduled training sessions. It also helps prompt additional verification of suspicious emails. These phishing campaigns will directly help you protect your business from phishing attacks and scams.

Protect your business during strategic operations

During strategic transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, businesses are highly vulnerable to potential cyber threats. Although cybersecurity is rarely a priority by the board during an M&A process, transition teams provide a wide range of opportunities for cybercriminals during these phases. Phishing campaigns help you educate your employees during the transition.

Business strategy

Know the potential impact of such an attack. The figures are often worrying, during our phishing attacks more than 15% of users sent their identifiers to the fake site. Knowing the KPIs on employee behavior in the face of a threat is a good indicator of your need to further train employees.

Simulate a cyber attack

In the event of a major phishing attack, your support may be overwhelmed, a large-scale test allows you to test the process and be ready in the event of a malicious attack. Test your team, and evaluate their response to incidents.