What is 2FA phishing ?

2FA phishing, or double authentication phishing, is a well-known cybercrime technique that is constantly evolving to bypass the most advanced security measures. This method aims to compromise two-factor authentication, considered an additional layer of security to protect online accounts.

How does 2FA phishing work ?

2FA phishing attacks trick users into revealing their credentials as well as their 2FA responses. This compromises account security because the attack aims to intercept these responses to gain access to accounts. Websites generate authentication tokens for each user session, stored as cookies in the browser. Attackers exploit these cookies to access compromised accounts once 2FA responses have been obtained. Cybercriminals register domains similar to sites and use Unicode characters to create domain names that are visually similar to sites to deceive users.

What solution to adopt ?

To counter 2FA phishing, the FIDO Alliance introduced Universal Two-Factor Authentication (U2F). This method uses physical security keys for flawless authentication, even in the event of a phishing attempt. This significantly increases the security of online accounts. It is also necessary to train your employees in 2FA phishing, for this GottaPhish offers you, via the Evilginx platform (to download),  to test your employees for these new phishing attacks.

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