Spear phishing.

GottaPhish is an advanced phishing simulation platform designed to improve employee alertness to phishing attempts through automated, intelligent and personalized campaigns.

A platform to meet all your needs.

GottaPhish offers a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness solution that includes simulated phishing campaigns via email, SMS and social media, an e-learning platform, and a performance monitoring and evaluation system.

The main objective of our platform is to help you carry out your phishing campaign simply and effectively.

Only 4 steps (below) are required and it can all be done in minutes:

GottaPhish dashboard of campaign results.

Features of a simulated phishing campaign.

Launch of campaigns

Phishing campaigns can be launched staggered so as not to overload employees or systems.

Email generation

Phishing emails are generated and personalized by advanced AI that takes into account the profile of each employee.

Importing pages

Automatic import of landing pages to create realistic simulations using real site interfaces.


The user database can be automatically synchronized with internal systems (Google, Microsoft) and via CSV import.


The tools used by your company can be added manually, or automatically via OSINT/Zygon.

Visualization and training

Training employees based on their results and enriching data by adding cyber maturity indicators for employees and their tools.